New Service: UltraMIST

Your First Line of Defense for Wound Care

UltraMIST heals wounds with noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound therapy.

If you suffer from acute or chronic wounds, UltraMIST could be a great alternative to traditional wound management protocols.

The UltraMIST system produces a low energy ultrasound-generated mist used to promote wound healing by cleansing and maintenance. A meta-analysis of clinical evidence in cases including diabetic foot, ischemic, neuropathic, venous, multifactorial, pressure, surgical, and traumatic ulcers shows that the rate of wound closure increased from 24% with standard care to 42% with UltraMIST use over a 12-week interval.

UltraMIST can be used for typical and atypical nonhealing wounds* including diabetic foot ulcers.

Contact us today to get back up on your feet and become ulcer free!

*Exceptions: cancerous lesions, over-pregnant uterus, over-implanted device