New Service: Swift Microwave Therapy

High Plains Podiatry is excited to introduce Swift Microwave Therapy, a revolutionary way to treat warts and resolve these lesions for good. Swift is a non-destructive immunotherapy that gives you the power to defeat warts using your own body’s defenses.

What are the benefits of Swift? 
  • 85%+ Efficacy Rate
  • Less than 1% recurrence
  • Treatment time in minutes
  • NO downtime between sessions
  • NO bandages, blistering, or wounding
  • NO at-home care

Treatment Outlook  

  • Average of 3 Swift sessions
  • Treatments spaced 4 weeks apart
  • Follow-up appointment 12 weeks after your final treatment

How does Swift work?

Swift attacks the root of the problem. Warts are caused by one of the various strains of HPV virus, which go undetected by the immune system. This microwave technology uses heat to awaken the immune system to the presence of HPV, so your body can now actively fight the virus. Swift is unlike other treatments that only address the symptom (a wart) versus the root cause (the HPV virus). This is why Swift ensures there is little to no chance of your wart reappearing after completing treatment.


What can I expect during treatment?
Microwave energy will be administered in 5 doses on the infected tissue, lasting for 2 seconds with each dose. While pain during treatment is variable, most patients will feel some level of discomfort. However, there is rarely any pain post-treatment. You are free to go back to any daily activities immediately following your appointment!  

New Service: UltraMIST

Your First Line of Defense for Wound Care

UltraMIST heals wounds with noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound therapy.

If you suffer from acute or chronic wounds, UltraMIST could be a great alternative to traditional wound management protocols.

The UltraMIST system produces a low energy ultrasound-generated mist used to promote wound healing by cleansing and maintenance. A meta-analysis of clinical evidence in cases including diabetic foot, ischemic, neuropathic, venous, multifactorial, pressure, surgical, and traumatic ulcers shows that the rate of wound closure increased from 24% with standard care to 42% with UltraMIST use over a 12-week interval.

UltraMIST can be used for typical and atypical nonhealing wounds* including diabetic foot ulcers.

Contact us today to get back up on your feet and become ulcer free!

*Exceptions: cancerous lesions, over-pregnant uterus, over-implanted device